• Sergio González Kuhn
    Creative Director

    After finishing his studies at the Lycée Français de Madrid, Sergio moved to New York City to learn graphic design at the Pratt Institute. During his four year stay he combined his studies with extensive experience in interactive design work for leading New York firms.
    In 2001 he moved to Japan to gain experience in Asian markets joining Ashley Associates in Tokyo. Here he broadened his print and interactive knowledge working with major Japanese brands.
    He then returned to Madrid in 2003 where he founded Barfutura.
    Simultaneously, Sergio teaches graphic design at various schools.

  • Javi Medina
    Art Director

    Javi Medina began his career as a self-taught designer in his hometown, A Coruña, where he discovered his passion for design and editorial. After six years as art director, he decided to move to Barcelona to complete his training and focus on personal projects. He achieved a master in Graphic Design and Editorial at Elisava Design School. In 2010 Javi moved to Madrid to continue his career in search of new perspectives.

  • Patricia Raventós
    Senior Designer

    After two years studying Fashion Design at Felicidad Duce School in her hometown, Barcelona, Patricia decided to focus her professional career towards graphic design. She moved to Madrid in 2007 after completing a Master degree in graphic and web design. Since then she has been freelancing in different design projects meanwhile expanding her typography and illustration skills. Patricia also completed her Advertising and Public Relations studies.

  • Lourdes Lobo
    Project Coordinator

    Lourdes studied Public Administration in the University of Seville, where she is from. After finishing her degree, she decided to refocus her professional career packing her bags and moving to Madrid in 2011.
    Once in the capital, she started a master in multimedia communication. Since then, she has been working and acquiring experience within marketing and advertising industry in several companies and agencies. 

  • Laura Pere

    Graduated in Multimedia and Graphic Design at ESNE School of Design and Innovation.
    Her passion for child psychology, led her to develop her final thesis about the social design and pedagogy.
    Always concerned about cinema, Laura continues to expand her skills towards motion graphics and film.
    In the last two years, she has received three Laus Prizes for social and educational projects. In 2015, she earned Honorific Mention for her final degree, and a Laus Aporta Banc Sabadell Award.

  • Internships

    Jennifer Espina (Spain, 2016)
    Cristina García (Spain, 2015)
    Mathilde Stevenet (France, 2015)
    Claudia Méndez (Spain, 2015)
    Sebastian Ntzokas (Greece, 2015)
    Sara Cubas (Spain, 2014)
    Julio Núñez (Spain, 2014)
    Lucia Fernández (Spain, 2014)
    Audrey Barbereau (France, 2013)
    Maya Cohen (Israel, 2013)
    Catarina Barreira (Canada, 2013)
    Marina Martínez (Spain, 2012)
    Ana Gaspar (Spain, 2012)
    Laura Service (Scotland, 2012)
    Aleksandra Kot (Poland, 2012)
    Stefania Fucci (Italy, 2011)
    Mireia Ortega (Spain, 2011)
    Marta Pucci (Italy, 2010)
    Patricia Pinto (Portugal, 2010)
    Alejandro Gallego (Spain, 2010)
    Francisco Martínez (USA, 2010)
    Audrey Rodríguez (USA, 2010)
    Raquel Marichal (Spain, 2009)
    Bettina Baumann (Swiss, 2009)
    Javier Diaz Bencomo (Spain, 2009)
    Lisa Gierhake (Germany, 2009)
    Marisa Charepe (Portugal, 2009)
    Alice Maiorino (Italy, 2008)
    Alessandro Gallo (Italy, 2008)
    Monica Alisse (USA, 2008)
    Joakim Kral (Sweden, 2008)
    Rafael Ruiz (USA, 2008)
    Young Eun Han (Korea, 2007)
    Filipa Santana (Portugal, 2007)
    Alexa Tang (China, 2007)
    Anne Mills Coté (USA, 2007)
    Christian Nath (Germany, 2007)
    Hiba Farhat (Lebanon, 2007)
    Lidia Almendariz (Spain, 2007)
    Paula Pascua (Spain, 2007)
    Carmen García Sanz (Spain, 2006)
    Damian Gerbaulet (Germany, 2006)
    Carmen Chen Wu (China, 2006)
    Carin Rogoff (USA, 2006)
    Delphine Barthelemy (France, 2004)
    Marta Lizano Córdova (Spain, 2004)
    Marina Gª Escorial (Spain, 2003)